• Kaneki: Making my way downtown, walking fast-
  • Tsukiyama: Kenaki-kun~

my headcanons are always these sweet, domestic or ridiculously lame things while other fans in the fandom go deep, see things and open your eyes and it makes you wonder “did we watch/read/play the same thing or was I half asleep?”


Time stopped for a few seconds and all he could feel was a strong wind -or rather, urge- that almost blew his mind away.

I initially thought of “how do I draw an extremely flustered Noiz??” but as you can see in the end I just literally used an explosion background.

Got carried away (゜▽゜;)

Original prompt from otpprompts
Short text by shino-cchi

Judging by my Tumblr, post in my ask what you think I’m like in real life

ミ  ズ  キ  \\  M  I  Z  U  K  I 

Fill this in with stuff about you

  • Age: 19
  • Where I’m from: England
  • Where I would like to live: Don't want to move tbh.
  • Favorite food: rice, pork, chicken, cake, pasta
  • Religion: --
  • Sexual orientation: Straight/asexual
  • Single/taken: Single
  • Favorite book: I'm in the middle of reading a book after so long tbh (too many fanfics) but I thought the 'Noughts and Crosses; series by Malorie Blackman was very good.
  • Eye colour: dark brown
  • Favorite movie: Treasure Planet, Love Exposure, Toy Story, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and some more I can't remember.
  • Favorite TV show: FRIENDS, Modern Family, Hollyoaks, Suburgatory, The Fosters, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Tokyo Ghoul and Tsuritama.
  • Favorite band/singer: IU, Foxes, Girl's Day, Nine Muses, Demi Lovato, 4MINUTE, Leona Lewis.
  • Random fact about me: I take off the top crust of my bread.
  • Favorite day of the year: Don't have one.
  • Favorite colour: Pink and white.
  • If I have any pets: two cats and a dog.
  • What I’m listening to right now: 4MINUTE - Bababa
  • Last movie I’ve watched: The Amazing Spiderman 2
  • What’s my ringtone: retro version of ai catch by GOATBED/aoba's ringtone
  • Favorite male character from a TV show: Chandler Bing
  • Favorite female character from a TV show: Tessa Altman
  • What my name means: Clear, bright and famous birch meadow.
  • Favorite superhero: Jean Grey
  • Celebrity crush: Sojin


New art in the new spoon.2Di coming out on 7.31!




Just f*ckin watch him